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Tyko Say (born 1994) is a writer and curator interested in poetry as dialogue. His works aim to explore what that dialogue is, can be, and the implications & opportunities when poetics and the arts are conventionalized.

Tyko is currently based in Prague. He is the Chairman of OBJECT:PARADISE, editor of KROTCH Magazine, a teacher at Prague School of Creative Communication, and plays in the sound project David’s Sister.



︎ News [last updated: June 17, 2024]


  • Tyko presents OBJECT:PARADISE and OBJECT:PRAHA IV as part of Existence as Resistence at the Lviv Art Center in Ukraine to establish channels for future collaboration (June 2024).
  • This Happened, Yet is Happening is nominated for an award in ‘Re-Thinking The Media’ and premieres in Venice, Italy as part of CIFRA’s Venice Sleepless Video Art Night  (June 2024).
  • Tyko and OBJECT:PARADISE launch OBJECT:PARODY, a radioshow in partnership with Shella Radio & Planeta Za at Ankali, Prague (June 2024).
  • Tyko presents OBJECT:PARADISE & KROTCH Magazine at Prague’s Anarchist Bookfair (May 2024).
  • OBJECT:PARADISE hosts a zine workshop at Místečko Art Gallery as part of KROTCH Magazine (May 2024).
  • Tyko and Sandra Pasławska’s live film project Anti-Climax premieres at Art Brut Praha (April 2024).
  • Tyko co-curates a telvision installation at Alternburg 1964 (April 2024).
  • Tyko curates a teleivison installation for the music video of Marley Wildthing’s “Enough” (February 2024).
  • David’s Sister plays at Žižkovská Noc Festival (March 2024).
  • Tyko presents OBJECT:PRAHA IV  in Krakow, Poland (February 2024).
  • Tyko presents OBJECT:PRAHA IV  in Košice, Slovakia (January 2024).


  • David’s Sister plays with Forbidden Wizards, Chlapošrot, NOIX, WHYYES, Cold Venus Revisited, Levag, Slav, Lessle, and Grunt at Underdogs’ for New Year’s (December 2023).
  • Tyko presents OBJECT:PRAHA IV at Art Quarter in Budapest, Hungary (December 2023).
  • Tyko co-hosts the November AWW MAN radioshow with Rory Hinchey (November 2023). 
  • OBJECT:PRAHA IV premieres at BEJÁ VU (The Mark Divo Institute) in Beja, Portugal (November 2023).
  • Tyko presents OBJECT:PRAHA IV at Hopscotch Reading room in Berlin (November 2023).
  • Tyko discusses contextual poetics and OBJECT:PARADISE with Vít Bohal in Slovakia-based 3/4 Magazine (November 2023).
  • Select works from Tyko and OBJECT:PARADISE are presented in the online curation The Outsiders as part of TheWrongBiennale (November 2023).
  • David’s Sister plays at Kampus Hybernská as part of Prague Microfestival (October 2023).
  • Tyko Premieres his film OBJECT:PRAHA IV Performance, Deformance, Reformance at Prague Microfestival (October 2023).
  • Tyko co-curates the scenography of Prague Microfestival MicroLabs with Sandra Pasławska (September 2023).
  • Tyko reads at Riot Over River Festival 8 with Literary Lavatory at Cross Club (September 2023).
  • David’s Sister plays at Cross Club with Alpha Strategy and Kolyma (September 2023).
  • OBJECT:PARADISE hosts a three-day festival--Performance, Deformance, Reformance--across Czechia and Poland, featuring a curation of over fifty performances (August 2023).
  • Tyko and Sandra Pasławska discuss their upcoming EP with David’s Sister and OBJECT:PARADISE’s upcoming festival on AWWMAN Radio (August 2023).
  • OBJECT:PRAHA III The Manifesto is screened at Hardcœur Festival in Soucy, France (August 2023).
  • Excerpts of KROTCH Magazine are exhibited at Vangaurdia Network Party, curated by Jo Blin and Lucie Alalu (August 2023).
  • KROTCH Magazine celebrates 1-year of print with a special issue on OBJECT:PARADISE’s upcoming event: Performance, Deformance, Reformance (June 2023).
  • David’s Sister plays at Underdogs’ with Glaas and Skincare (June 2023).
  • Reading with Tyko and Bob Holman is mentioned in “Ten Best Things to do This Weekend in Prague” by Expats.cz (June 2023).
  • European Literary Network writes about OBJECT:PARADISE video poetry (May 2023).
  • David’s Sister and Warm Braník play a concert at U Habásků, Prague (May 2023).
  • A selection of Tyko’s VHS videos are played at the Czech Centre London (May 2023).
  • David’s Sister plays at Bike Jesus (CZ) with Atol Atol Atol, Patole, and Kolyma (April 2023).
  • The OBJECT:PARADISE collective is awarded a grant for their upcoming festival, Performance, Deformance, Reformance from the VisegradFund (April 2023).
  • Tyko is interviewed by City Life Magazine (iDnes) about the Prague creative community and difficulties immigrating to Czechia (April 2023).
  • David’s Sister plays at Žižkovska Noc Festival (March 2023).
  • Tyko reads at Žižkovska Noc: Literary Lavatory (March 2023).
  • Tyko’s piece BYE BYE AMERICAN POETRY is featured in Assignment Literary Magazine (March 2023).
  • Tyko’s film The Dark Side of Žižkov plays at Žižkovšiška for the fiftith year anniversary of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon (March 2023).
  • Tyko performs in FUSHIONISMO in Prague (March 2023).
  • Tyko holds a zine workshop with visiting samizdat researcher and writer Alice Guéricolas-Gagné (March 2023).
  • Tyko reads on the Charles Bridge as part of the visiting FUSHIONISM Unbearable reading event (January 2023).






  • OBJECT:PARADISE’s first event, Poetry of Sound, is held at the Czech Inn (November 2018).
  • Tyko’s piece Smichov is featured in Charles University’s literary magazine, Casopis Ink (November 2018).
  • Tyko forms the performance and poetics collective OBJECT:PARADISE with Jeff Milton (October 2018).
  • Tyko’s piece Kacerov is featured on the Icelandic blog, MENNINGARSMYGL (August 2018).
  • Tyko moves to Prague, Czech Republic (February 2018).


  • Tyko graduates with Merit from the English Language Teaching Master’s program from Sussex University (August 2017).
  • Tyko submits his Master’s dissertation, Measuring Mismatches in what ELF Teachers Say and What Their Students Hear (August 2017).


  • Tyko is accepted into the English Language Teaching Master’s program at Sussex University (July 2016).
  • Tyko graduates with honors from the undergraduate Professional and Creative Writing program (June 2016).
  • Tyko’s first chapbook The Sound of Mouths is published with dPress (June 2016).
  • Tyko is a contributing poetry editor for Central Washington University Manastash Literary Magazine Mass Incarceration and Racial Justice: Brown and Black Lives Matter (February 2016).
  • Tyko becomes a reportage photographer for the CWU Observer (January 2016). 


  • Tyko enrolls in the Professional and Creative Writing undergraduate program at Central Washington University (September 2014).


  • ERRR Magazine publishes a selection of Tyko’s photoset Absent Hyper Chaotic Face (April 2013).
  • DIET COLA Zine features selected photos in their fourth issue (February 2013).


  • Tyko receives an Associates in Arts degree from Green River Community College (January 2012).