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all poetry is propaganda // world views are cultural // existence requires non-existence in its opposition // the effect of his actions were theatrical // the intention practical // qualifying language is abusive to discussion // the intention of her actions were measured by effect // poetry is prospectus // they promote their propaganda as ethical--a good-use of language // practical // effective

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it is time to undress / the semantics / of synchronized thought, the sound / the relationship of lips and phrase / unmasking the face / as front of head / eyes awake and mouth unfound & / folded as a moment. / you have come here as you / r body / and the ribbons in his hair / are velvet / i love you / love me / s/he says / with no found mouth / until it is / and it is the act / of undressing / creating / & contexting semantics / when you / me / w/h/sh/e / become / the velvet ribons / which so soft / lay across our face