Vol. 2

OBJECT:PARADISE Volume II brings together music and language from different parts of the world into one room. The album is composed of a diverse range of languages and sounds from all over the world and placed into one room.

The composition aims to capture the happenings and moments that exist naturally (and only) in the streets of Žižkov. Recorded in 2021, the collection aims to recreate the dialogues of noise that were muted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The seven compositions–which span a variety of styles–were improvised by a collection of over 20 Prague-based artists who brought not only their own interpretations of sound and language, but of poetry and how it can be collectively manifested through the experience of an OBJECT:PARADISE happening.

︎ O:P V/2 was released on Seattle-based Sifter Grim records, January 2022
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Vol. 1

OBJECT:PARADISE VOL. 1, a collection of poetic verse and bop, was released at the Sound of June event in 2019. The album features Tyko Say, Jeff Milton, Jenda Pudlák, and Heyme Langbroek.

In spirit of OBJECT:PARADISE, the album is a collection of live-recordings backed by the strictly improvised jazz hands of Jenda Pudlák and Heyme Langbroek.
We would also like to give a huge thank you to our design team, Roksan Mandel, Eli Anders; and to our mixing and mastering help from Levente Szabó.

Tune-in to hear verse regarding, but not limited to...

—woman (with red scarf) who did not go into the metro car
—contemplation on the modernist importance of Crayola
—full moon above Dorthy's English skyline
—table tennis champion moving from foot to foot
—the florist on Slavikova
—trash bins gargling green goop from lonely commuters
—the sights and sounds of the great city
—skin shedding & vegetable digestion
—concepts not built for rationalization
—picnic in a canoe on top of a toxic waste pile
—moth-eaten sweater and overalls.