[ film : Anti-Climax ]

Anti-Climax was a project that occurred on April 24th, 2024 at the Art Brut Praha gallery (Prague, Czechia).

The purpose of the project was to question what a film can be by premiering a film while it is being filmed.

Attendees of the event were instructed to sign their names on an attendance list prior to being seated in the gallery before a projection screen. The audience members were given the following instructions in both Czech and English,

"Welcome to an evening special, titled Anti-Climax by Tyko Say and Sandra Pasławska. For the next 30-45 minutes, you will watch the one-time premiere of a film. Its characters, setting, plot, conflict, and development will be entirely created by you. There is a pen and paper under your chair—we ask you to write what you see in the film.

After the premiere, the stories will be collected for future screenings of the film alongside your interpretations.

We thank you for your subjective experience. Out of respect for the performers, we ask you to stay seated in the gallery so that you may collectively observe the same happening."

Once the instructions were given, this video and its accompanying audio filled the dark room. Outside, down the street, Tyko Say and Sandra Pasławska--along with a 100m video cable--improvised with the surroundings. No plan was made. No communication was made. No themes were established before the filming began.

Meanwhile, audience members watched the live happening, noting down their subjective interpretations of the film. Towards the end of the film, Sandra enters the screening room and it is revealed that the film that they are watching is currently being filmed. The film ends with a shot on the attendance list, though now added to it is a title that reads "Screen Play By..." in which it lists the attendees of the event.

See the film below

Anti-climax | A Premiere of a Film Being Filmed
Runtime: 27m26s
Format:  VHS (PAL, SD)
Directed by: Tyko Say & Sandra Pasławska
Music by: Nikodem Dybinsky


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