[ film / text :  I Fucked Her Sadly in a Dream ]


I Fucked Her Sadly in a Dream (2020) is a short film which first appeared in the Isolation Collection’s Description of a Struggle exhibiton.

Directed & Edited by Tyko Say
Filmed by Nata Tsintsabadze
Film score by Roksan Mandel
Featuring Tyko Say & Orkida Braculla

Shot in Prague, Czechia, April 18th 2020 Filmed on PAL VHS

Please email to see the film

And though she was naked she had ran that stop sign & slammed her honda civic smash to

other car she asked
me for advice, a bystander drunk on the way to store for more—and I told her
to rid that blood pour
the young man passenger forehead her boyfriend
I later found out who had passed at hospital hours later

Never knew what happened to her—her eyes
that midnight begging
for sorrow to me

who had but
moments ago
not known anything
of her had
been chanting the street in full tune
to then witness
that drunken run
and though she did have honest tears
could not know
her name—only her years later when
visited me in sleep
that stranger at
45th and Brooklyn
was crying pleading
and asked me for
the naked rest the anger of my body and fucked her I did
in the dream