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Thought & Beat // Album & Documentary Release

January 28, 2022 @ Kampus Hybernská (Prague, Czech Republic)

︎ Curated with OBJECT:PARADISE

︎ Photos by Eduard Germis

Thought & Beat was the album and documentary release party for our two big projects over 2021: OBJECT:PARADISE Volume II and OBJECT:PRAHA II.

︎Listen to the album here
︎See the mocumentary here

Featuring over 30 musicians, readers, and action performers, the event was not only a celebration of the projects, but a happening in its own that helped signify the party that each respective project tried to capture. That is, the party that language is.

Our previous attempts to name this event:

12-inch poetics / Žižkov Noise / Noise of Paradise / Green Eggs and Tram Man / Vinyl Event / Event on Vinyl / Pressed Poetics / Pressed Tits / Phonographed Nutts / Ass Analogue / Anal Vlog / OBJECT: 12-inch / 12-inch Release / Release / Released / Re-lease / Rihanna Leave / The OBJECT:PARADISE Experience (crossed out three times) / 7-piece release / OBJECT:PROJECT / Dethroned Poet / Demoted Coat / Deepstate Throat / Album and Documentary Release Event Party Celebration (2022, Sub. [ENG]) / Sound Happening / Anti Poetry / Language Gathering / Thought & Beat /

Many thanks to the album particpants, as well as the musicians and writers who performed at the event.


Adéla Hrdličková
Tyko Say
Yeva Kupchenko
Saksham Sharda
Jaromír Lelek
Sandra Pasławska
Ásgeir H Ingolfsson


Luan Goncalves
Pedram Purghasem
Domin Universo
Martin Levallois
Jan Janicek
Maarten Crefcoeur
Martin Guildenstern
Mikulas Mrva
Mohammad Ebrahimian
Petr Balhar
Martin Debřička
Honza Michálek
Yonatan Omer
Sandra Pasławska
Roksan Mandel

Action artists

Sasha Rose
Jo Blin
Anastacya Cya
Alibek Kazbekov
Kalu Bruyere

Read more at www.objectparadise.com

︎ Seen in

Instant Nostalgia (A2 Magazine)

Žižkov, Where Are You? (iTvar Magazine)

Object Paradise, el colectivo artístico que quiere devolver la vida y la voz al barrio de Žižkov (Radio Prague International)

OBJECT:PARADISE Volume II to be Released on Seattle-based Sifter Grim (Prague Monitor)

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