[ installation : Prague Micro Festival XIII ]

PRAGUE MICROFESTIVAL (PMF) is an annual festival of the arts, combining contemporary writing with art, film, theory & performance.

PMF is fully bilingual (CZ and EN), and presents readings by the best authors of contemporary poetry and fiction. Every year, PMF welcomes renowned and underground authors from across the world, staging them alongside film projections, music, performance and visual art, in a rich polylogue of artforms. Read more about PMF here.

The OBJECT:PARADISE manifesto was present and enacted at PMF through live video mixing of performative texts that were then projected on a TV installation around the venue, Punctum, and streamed live for the world on Youtube.

Working with Sandra Pasławska, our roll at PMF was to interpret and reappropriate the live performances and readings into a new text that would be displayed around the venue, influencing the contextual forces and receptions to the holistic text of the happening.

The act of mixing visual signals into a new text through analogue modes, provides a physicality and deliberate notion of creation that is spontaneous and can be influenced only by the present.

︎ Photos by Louis Armand

Day 3 of PMF below ︎